Commercial fire protection, special hazard systems, fire suppression systems, and explosion protection systems.

Fire & Explosion Protection are ALL we do.

We provide fire and explosion protection technology, equipment, and maintenance that prevent the destruction of your property and minimize your production downtime.

Whether quoting you a new system or modifying your existing equipment, we endeavor to assess each client's risk potential with high attention to detail. We examine every aspect of your operations—including those you may not yet have considered to be at risk. We then examine national and regional codes and regulations, and then we explain an exact list of options that are available to you, noting the distinct advantages (and/or disadvantages) of each technology within your existing or future special hazard system.

Here are the types of systems that we daily supply, configure, install, and maintain.

Commercial Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems:
These include "Clean Agent" (water-less) systems which utilize Inergen, Argon, Argonite, Amerex / Novec wheeled units, FM-200, FE-13, FE-25, Novec-1230, high and low pressure CO2, Ecaro and other inert gases. All of these products offer non-destructive use both to your high value assets (computers, robots, machines, etc.) and the environment. *Clean agent gases are ozone-free.

These special hazard fire suppression systems are typically used to protect high volume industrial manufacturing areas that utilize crucial pieces of equipment which would devastate production if lost or damaged. Some of our most common clients of these systems manufacture cars, food, chemicals, pigments, pharmaceuticals, metals, and computers.

Commercial Explosion Suppression & Isolation
We routinely install and inspect various explosion protection solutions, including ATEX certified explosion vents, flameless explosion venting, high and standard rate discharge fire suppression systems, isolation systems, and a variety of detectors and alarms.

Explosion Suppression / Isolation Systems employ extremely sensitive technology which is capable of producing activation and combustion interrupting agent release in roughly half the time it takes a person to blink an eye. These systems most often protect any area or individual piece of equipment where a deflegration (a subsonic speed combustion, which leads to supersonic detonation/explosion) might be caused by fibrous, food, chemical, metal, etc. particulates being gathered within an isolated chamber.

Each system design is based on specific hazards, volume of particulate within collectors, positive/neutral/negative pressures, and any other combustible materials potentially involved.

Very Early Warning Smoke Detection Systems
These types of systems offer some of the fastest response times of any fire protection technology. Through continuous air sampling and analysis (up to 10,000 times the sensitivity of a traditional smoke detector), they provide detailed monitoring and automatic alerts to any configured desktop or mobile device. These systems can also cover hundreds of spot locations per unit depending on your needs and requirements.

We are a regional leading distributor of Xtralis, the inventor of this technology, and have installed hundreds of their VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detecting Apparatus) Systems in a variety of facilities, with which our customers have been very happy. The most popular application for these systems is without a doubt mission critical data centers, cloud storage facilities, and telecommunication hubs, but can also be used in apartments, hotels, retail shops, offices, correctional facilities, clean rooms, cold storage, cultural/heritage sites, museums, hospitals and other medical facilities, insurance, marine applications, nuclear facilities, oil and gas production, portable switch rooms, power generation, records storage, wind power generation, and warehouses.

Fire Alarms and Detection
We are highly experienced at configuring and retrofitting intelligent, addressable fire alarm & control panels, smoke detectors, various types of flame detection (UV, IR, Triple IR), LEL / combustible gas detectors, linear heat detectors, and pre-action sprinkler monitoring.

Water Mist Fire Protection Systems
While these are typically not products that we recommend for most facilities, there are some applications for which they are appropriate. If you are considering a system of this kind for an area or process, PLEASE BE AWARE that any water-based system provides high risk to—if not the complete loss of—valuable assets upon which your operations might depend.

We are happy to provide more information about these concerns as well as detailed comparisons between water mist / sprinkler type protection systems and their alternatives.

Pre-engineered Dry Chemical Systems
We assemble and deliver pre-engineered and skid mounted systems for processes or equipment that may be served by their own, need-specific determined automatic suppression system.

High Speed Water Deluge Systems
Automated electrostatic paint spraying processes.

Foam Fire Fighting Systems – AFFF and

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), rehealing foam, and Alcohol Type Concentrate (ATC) foams.

Portable Fire Extinguishers
These are, of course, the "bread and butter" of fire suppression equipment. However, rest assured, we provide inspection and FULL maintenance of every type and size of fire extinguisher on the market—IN HOUSE. We have invested heavily into the latest maintenance, testing, and calibration technology to effectively and efficiently service your fire extinguishers, because from a multi-faceted facility-wide automatic suppression system to every fire extinguisher mounted to a wall, EACH piece of fire protection equipment is important, so when it counts, your equipment will be ready for use.