We have amazing customers, whose needs are diverse.
Here are some of the areas and processes we help them protect.

Information Technology

Data Centers, Telecommunications Operations, UPS areas, Storage Facilities, Physical File Rooms, Power Rooms, Battery Rooms, Switch Rooms, Cell Sites, Telecommunication Rooms, Online Rooms, Control Rooms, Rack Rooms


Test Cells, Labs, Fuel Fill Areas, Paint Spray Booths, Substations, Dynos, Pits, Paint Mix Rooms, Paint Storage Rooms, Fuel Cells, and Lith-Ion Battery Applications


Metal Fabrication, Paint Spray Booths, Pharmaceutical, Combustible Dust Collectors, Machinery Spaces, Flammable Liquid Storage, Control Rooms, Commercial Fryers

Power Generation

Gas Turbines, Generators, Substations, Transformers, Control Rooms, Conveyors, Flammable Storage Tanks, Silos


Food Processing, Dust Collectors, Blenders, Cyclones, Ducts, Fluid Bed Dryers, Silos, Pulverizers, Bucket Elevators, Mills, Ring Dryers, Aerosol Charging Rooms, Food Processing